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We Offer An Integrative, Personalized, Whole-Person Approach to Cardiometabolic Health

Personalized Approach

Your Cardiometabolic Wellness, It's Personal.

Who your are, and as as result, what will help you and keep you from being healthy is all about you!  We are committed to being good listeners, because your story matters!  We understand that you have a unique cardiovascular and metabolic risk profile based on your life history, medical history, genetic blueprint and biochemistry.  

Your journey to wellness begins with the story of YOU!

We start with a comprehensive review which will launch us into a conversation about your history, personal wellness needs and heart health GOALS.  This information allows us to better optimize your wellness by maximizing what your body needs, minimizing what is impeding your health, and prioritizing an environment for wellness.


Your Genes Hold The Answers

Nutrigenomics is the study of how food "talks" to your genes.  Genetic testing reflects your unique blueprint.  Your blueprint provides us with the best insights into YOU, and removes the guesswork about what is better for your cardiometabolic health and wellness!

We believe in the power of the genomic revolution to get you the answers you need to create wellness.  It's built on you and for you.

The bottom line: our genetic test gives you deep insights into who you are and how your body operates.  It answers the questions about potential predispositions, possible genetic strengths (or weakness) impacting your heart health; and most importantly, it puts you in a powerful position to take intelligent and informed action for you health!

Integrative and Functional Wellness

Advanced Testing, Personal Insights

Using the powerful insights provided by taking an integrative and functional wellness approach, we can get answers to the 'why and how'. 

We combine the insights from your nutrigenomic testing with science-based advanced laboratory analysis/testing and nutritional assessments to better understand and evaluate your body's unique physiology and biochemistry! 

This allows us to focus on identifying and addressing your root causes of cardiovascular and metabolic dis-ease.  We aim to give you a clear path to your unique wellness plan.

Nutritional Medicine

Eat Right For YOUR Heart.

This is where your journey to wellness gets fun and delicious! 

Our approach to better heart health nutrition focuses on finding the right quality, quantity and nutrient balance for you.  It is all about personalized nutrition and adding in the therapeutic foods and nutrients that your body needs for improved blood flow and blood vessel/artery health optimization.  When we focus on adding in these foods, we achieve improved blood pressure control, address underlying inflammation and oxidative stress, increase heart function, and we truly reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.  Let's get you into the kitchen!

Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine

Whole-You Wellness

What if .. there was a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan that was built for you.  One that considered you from the inside out?  Built from your unique blueprint. One that is uniquely you, because it features your genes?

Your plan that will focus on ALL aspects of your cardiometabolic health. True health optimization!

We empower you to address the root causes of your cardiovascular and metabolic dis-ease with the best evidence-based therapies in personalized lifestyle medicine that address a whole person approach such as nutrition, supplements, exercise/movement, stress management, mindfulness, gut health, detoxification, sleep and social connectivity.   

Transformational Care

Next Level Heart Health

Your final destination!  True cardiovascular wellness is optimal health; not just the absence of symptoms or disease. We collaborate to develop a comprehensive, personalized WELLNESS solution.

We empower you to take ownership of your cardiometabolic wellness and transform your life with confidence. We offer high level support on your journey.

Our methods are grounded in sustainable tools, recommendations and science-based education. What you gain through our programs will stay with you for life!

Our ultimate goal is to help you understand the key markers of your wellness, build your health foundation, and achieve lasting vitality and wellbeing through daily lifestyle choices.

Let's reclaim your Cardiometabolic Health, together.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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Choose Your Personal Path to Wellness.

Wellness Path #1

Personalized CardioMetabolic Wellness Assessment

One Time Consultation

A comprehensive assessment of your current cardiovascular and metabolic health profile using personal assessments of your health, nutrition and current lab data. We compile this information to generate your personalized Cardiometabolic Wellness Report.

Take Me There!

Wellness Path #1

CardioMetabolic Solutions ROADMAP

This is our premier Integrative CardioMetabolic Wellness program. Our one-of-a-kind comprehensive program will guide you to cardiometabolic wellness with the help of in-depth genetic insights, functional lab analysis, nutritional assessments and 1-on-1 expert guidance. This is your personal ROADMAP to get you to your heart health goals with clear, actionable recommendations, tools and resources!  You will be completely supported along the way.

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Wellness Path #2

Self Guided Wellness Programs and Packages

You choose one aspect of cardiovascular wellness at a time to level up your heart health using our innovative self guided platform. Our educational wellness programs will give you an understanding of the science (the why) and will walk you through your plan (the how) with actionable steps, tools and resources to get you to your heart health goals!  There is also optional remote monitoring, feedback, and personal ongoing support though our App.

Take Me There!

Wellness Path #1: Advanced Assessment and Wellness Score

Personalized CardioMetabolic Assessment and Wellness Report

Do you know your personal cardiovascular risk? (hint: It might not be what you think?)

We take a personalized assessment of your current cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors using personal nutrition / lifestyle assessments, laboratory data, health history and anthropometrics to determine your CardioMetabolic Wellness Report**.

Our one of kind wellness report will give you a clear picture of your current CardioMetabolic risk assessment and is a great starting point on your journey to wellness and/or a great reassessment of your progress along the way!

Let's jump start your Wellness Plan with a much more comprehensive understanding of your personal risk beyond the traditional risk factors.

(**for educational, empowerment and inspirational purposes only)

Coming Soon!

Know YOUR Risk

$299 USD

Top features

  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health Assessment
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment 
  • Advanced Laboratory Assessment (labs included)
  • Personalized Cardiometabolic Wellness Report
  • 60-minute Virtual Consultation 
Coming Soon

Wellness Path #1: Your Personal ROADMAP to Cardiometabolic Wellness

CardioMetabolic Solutions ROADMAP

Do you know your personal cardiovascular risk?  (Hint, it might not be what you think)

Have you ever asked yourself how did I have a heart attack when I have normal cholesterol numbers and/or normal blood pressure?  Are there treatments for my heart condition, high cholesterol or high blood pressure besides medication?

Are you ready to take control of your heart health but aren't sure which approach is right for you?  You are in the right place!

If you are ready to commit to next level heart health, this is your plan and we are here to make it happen!  Join Us!

(for educational, empowerment and inspirational purposes only)

Coming Soon!

Comprehensive Wellness


3 month programs

  • Unlimited Access to Your Cardio-Well Programs and our Exclusive Community
  • Advanced Laboratory Assessment and Nutrigenomic Testing (labs included)
  • Bi-weekly Virtual Office Visits to Discuss Personal Strategy, Goals
  • Unlimited, Direct Messaging With Your Team
  • 25% Discount on Professional Grade Supplements
Coming Soon

Wellness Path #2: Self Guided Wellness Programs and Packages

Self Guided CardioMetabolic Wellness Programs and Packages

Do your prefer to work on your heart health goals at your own pace? Perhaps you just need to optimize one aspect of your cardiometabolic wellness right now?  Are you curious about what it takes to level up your heart health?

Our Cardiometabolic Wellness Programs and Packages have one goal in mind ... to provide you with the personalized guidance, education and empowerment you need on your journey back to Wellness. Our evidence-based programs utilize the most up to date integrative, functional, lifestyle and nutritional medicine science.

Our innovative self guided programs and packages cover a wide range of in-depth cardiovascular and metabolic health topics; and give you all the necessary tools to implement recommendations into your life. Explore our library of wellness programs designed to help you meet your heart health goals.

Do you also want additional support?  We've got you covered there too. All programs have options to build in personal support!

Check Out Our Wellness Programs

Wellness Starts HERE

Top features

  • Comprehensive and In-depth Programs, on-demand
  • Science-Based Approach
  • Personalized To You
  • Actionable Steps
  • Deliciously Do-Able
  • Unlimited Access
  • Optional remote monitoring and personal support through our App
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Are you not sure which path to wellness is right for you?  

Schedule a free 20 minute clarity call and we will strategize together!

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Assessment of Your Progress

It is important to continue to monitor your progress towards your cardiometabolic health and wellness goals.  Remember, health journeys are rarely a linear process and need continued reassessment to find your unique path.

After completion of any of our Wellness Programs, we will offer you a reassessment of your Cardiometabolic Wellness Score to track your progress toward your goals.

This is your proof that you are redefining your cardiovascular health and changing you course!

Stay Well, Be Cardio-Well

We believe in continued success and that true Wellness is not just the absence of disease or symptoms, but instead true wellBEING

It is time for a new paradigm shift in health care to focus on disease resistance and prevention, resiliency, vitality and true wellness.

After completion of any of our Wellness Programs, you will be invited to join our exclusive Wellmatrix Membership to stay well, be well and build a strong community.

We are better together!!

What's in it for you?

  • a new innovative, customizable approach to reclaim your cardiometabolic health and create wellness, focused solely on you
  • absolute clarity on your true cardiovascular risk and the exact steps you need to reclaim your cardiovascular health
  • a supportive, caring and compassionate team committed to your wellness
  • new lifestyle skills, tools, mindset, knowledge and self efficacy
  • discounts on professional-grade supplements
  • connection with a community of like-minded people (priceless)

Why work with us?

We specialize in only cardiometabolic health and are passionate about our innovated approach. We believe in taking a deep dive to give you a clear path to wellness. No one size fits all here!

We are expertly trained with years of experience in cardiovascular medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine and nutritional science. We are committed to staying up to date with the latest evidence-based research and approaches.

We care about you and look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey!

 If this sounds like the partnership, support, and guidance you're looking for, let's connect soon!


Schedule a free call using the "Let's Connect" button. We'll get to know each other, I’ll learn more about your specific cardiovascular health goals, and you’ll learn more about our approach to your care.

Together, we will determine the exact next steps that would be best for you to reverse your cardiovascular risk, regain your control and restore your wellness.

Even if we determine that we aren’t a good fit, I’ll point you in the direction of another professional who would be a good match for you. By the end of our call, you’ll have clarity about how you can start to regain your cardiovascular wellness.

Taking action toward your cardiovascular wellness and goals is a big deal! Congrats for taking the time to invest in yourself!

We would be honored to partner with you on your journey. We hope we can chat soon!

In joy and health,

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